Network Adapter won't connect to LAN or Internet

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Network Adapter won't connect to LAN or Internet

Сообщение Charles » 20 апр 2018, 12:04

Hello there,

This is a rather odd problem and I have exhausted all possible issues I could come up with. Up until today I have had no problems connecting to my network - today when I started up my laptop both my wireless adapter and NIC were unable to connect to a network. They both seem to be working fine as I can 'see' wireless connections and when I connect a ethernet cable to my laptop my Local Area Network goes from 'network cable unplugged' to enabled. However neither is able to complete the connection to my network. Other computers seem to be able to connect perfectly fine. Here's the kicker - when I load up a virtual PC I am able to connect to the internet through this.
Here are some things I have tried:
1. Updating drivers
2. Repairing Winsock
3. Changing Auto-Negotiation Settings

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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